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What is Bowden Hall College?

Bowden Hall College, founded in 1929, is a private adult education establishment with over 80 years’ unrivalled experience of home training methods. Because of many requests from people who do not wish to go to personal classes or seminars, and because the subject lends itself ideally to individual study at home, the New Course in Practical English is now offered as a distance learning course to anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge of the English language.

English is not my first language. Will the course help me?

The course will definitely enable you to speak and write better English – provided you now read English reasonably well. You do not need to read rapidly or to read difficult material; if you can read this web page you should be able to read, understand and benefit by this course. A great many students who have English as a second language have greatly improved their speaking and writing skills through our method – and you can do the same!

My education was limited. Is the course too difficult for me?

Certainly not! You will find The New Course in Practical English easy to understand because of its new, practical methods. It begins at the beginning – nothing is taken for granted. Each topic is developed step-by-step. The number of exercises is sufficient to enable you to master the fundamentals of good English without tedious memorising of rules. You ‘learn by doing’. The course is designed so that busy people can gain a command of good English quickly and enjoyably.

I am a student. Will the course help with my studies?

It certainly will! Mastery of good English is a great benefit to you whatever you are studying. The course will help you to express yourself clearly, concisely and correctly. You will avoid making embarrassing mistakes. You will be more successful in your examinations. Many students have used this course to upgrade their speaking and writing – rapidly and to great benefit.

Is there any time limit?

No! You can set your own pace and study when you wish. As there are no classes, you are neither rushed nor held back by other students – and remember, you don’t wait until the end of the course to enjoy its rewards. The study of good English pays off from the very first day!

I am over fifty years old. Will the course still help me?

Very definitely the course will help you. Many tests have shown that older people can learn as much as or even more than younger persons. When you are older, learning is sometimes just a little slower, but you learn just as much and remember it longer. Thousands of people, some more than seventy years of age, have greatly benefited by The New Course in Practical English. You can too!

Is there any written work?

Only if you wish. You are recommended, but not obliged, to complete the questions for each lesson, to make sure you gain all the benefits the course has to offer. But there are no examinations to worry you.

Your question not answered here?

No problem – simply drop us an email at info@learnbetterenglish.com  and we will reply with an answer as soon as we can.


The New Course in Practical English is now just £49, so take the plunge to today and start the journey to the new you.

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