Good English Leads to Recognition & Success

How a good command of English will bring you new recognition and success


Language – the everyday act of speaking and writing, of reading and thinking plays a much more important part in our daily lives than we usually realise. Indeed, it is a success ‘secret’ of most outstanding men and women. The New Course in Practical English is a unique and proven way to improve your English, to increase your business and social success, to find new power of thought and expression, and to get more out of life.


Command Respect

Spend just 15 minutes a day on this course and you will learn in detail how to dominate and influence every situation simply by using the right words at the right time. What’s more, you can confidently look forward to ending boredom and frustration and gaining the attention and respect that win friends and influence people.

Yes, a command of good English is the true important single aid you could have in your search for success. There is a direct relation between your word power and your earning power, between your skill in self-expression and your status at work and in your social life. Whatever the rewards you seek, they will certainly be brought nearer by your efforts to improve your speaking, conversation and writing skills.


What does a command of good English mean to you?

A command of good English means you are able to express yourself clearly and fully on every occasion. You form new habits in speaking and writing. You aquire a large and useful vocabulary – words you will use to express yourself to a better advantage.

A command of good English means you are able to talk easily and confidently – to get up and give a short speech if you are asked. To engage in business and social discussions with full confidence in yourself. You know how to start, guide, control and end conversations so that they are both enjoyable and rewarding.

A command of good English means your writing ability is dramatically improved. You know how to write good letters, to prepare reports, articles, minutes of meetings or speeches for business or social use.


Far-reaching rewards

As your command of good English grows, you will also grow and change as an individual.

You win freedom from any embarrassment or hesitancy you may now have. You gain poise and self-confidence. You lose all fear of saying the wrong thing or creating a poor impression. You feel at ease with people. These important personal advantages have a direct influence on your social life and, if you are employed, on your business advancement as well.


A command of good English is Essential

In every job there are certain requirements, technical skills or abilities. Depending on our job, we might need to know how to type, sell, solve engineering problems, assemble eqiupment, work out wage rates, or do whatever the job demands. But in addition to our work skills, it is absolutely essential to have a command of good English – to impress others and influence them favourably. If we don’t have more than just average ability to speak and write, sooner or later we shall be passed by. Someone else will get the opportunities in life that arise.


Does your English hold you back?

The accountant or engineer who cannot talk easily with management or customers or write clear reports will remain on routine technical work.

The secretary who can type but who cannot compose letters or punctuate or spell correctly will stay right where he/she is.

The shop assistant who cannot supervise other people will miss the chance to be department head or buyer.

The skilled factory worker who cannot talk with management will fumble his chance to be foreman or manager, or to hold office in his union.

The businessman who cannot get up and give a good short talk will miss big opportunities to move up in his company or to hold office in important trade or professional associations.

These are hard facts, but also the challenge of our business and industrial world. As we face this challenge, we discover for ourselves that a command of good English is an important key to success, a key to rapid advancement, a key to the full realisation of our ambitions.


You are judged by the way you speak and write

Just as you judge other people by the way they speak and write, so they in turn judge you. You are continuously judged by your employer, your supervisor, friends, customers – everyone. If you know your work and do it well, if you have good ideas and can talk them over easily with others, if others are impressed by your knowledge and ability – then your future is assured. Promotions and higher earnings are sure to come.

But if you make mistakes in English, if you cannot carry on a good conversation or business discussion, if your writing ability is only average – then sooner or later you will be passed by.


Increase your thinking power!

Yes, you actually improve your ability to think when you increase your command of English. Many authorities have explained why this is true. Lindesmith and Strauss, university psychologists, say: “Language and thought are so closely interconnected that the latter cannot exist without the former”. Albert Guerhard, the French-born teacher, wrote: “The art of thinking and the proper command of language are inseparable”. Sir Humphry Davy, English scientist, wrote: “Language is not only the vehicle of thought; it is the great and efficient instrument in thinking”.

Scientists have shown that all but the most primitive thinking is done by means of words combined to form thoughts. The more words you know, the more skillful you will be in organising your words into thoughts and your power to develop new ideas will be greater. You will also develop a greater ability to express your thoughts and and therefore attract, direct and influence other people.


 Release your personality and leadership qualities with a command of good English

The minute you meet a person, you form an impression. Your impression may be good, bad or indifferent. If the person is confident, friendly, and converses easily then your impression is likely to be good. If the person seems unfriendly, fumbles with words or makes obvious mistakes in English, then your impression may be unfavourable.

As you talk with others, they also form their impression of you. They judge you by what you say and how you say it. When you know that your friends, neighbours or business collegues respect and approve of you, when you know they like to talk to you, you become more confident. Confidence is the first key to a stronger personality.

But you cannot have confidence in yourself if you cannot talk to other people freely and easily. You cannot be poised or impress others if you make embarrassing mistakes or if you grope for words. The person who has not had the satisfying experience of aquiring a command of good English cannot easily imagine the amazing change that takes place. You actually unleash hidden qualities of leadership and personality.

“But how can I aquire these skills?” you may ask. Simply by reading and practising the principles contained in this exciting course and applying them to your everyday speaking, writing and conversation.

You soon feel the power that is within you as you express your ideas clearly – as you influence other people and command new interest and respect.

You no longer hesitate to enter a conversation or offer your ideas in a business discussion. You can get up and give a short talk when you are asked. You no longer sit back and wait for others. You have good thoughts and you know how to express them well.


You will be what you want to be

Most of us, if asked, would say “yes, I do want to develop my personality and my qualities of leadership. I do want a better education and the confidence that automatically comes with a command of good English”. All of us have the power within ourselves to decide what we will be. We can make the decision to change and expand our lives at any time we choose, regardless of how far we went at school. In fact, many university graduates who failed to gain a command of good English during their studies find it necessary to develop their command in later life.

Whatever your age or occupation – whether you’re a businessman/woman, an industrial worker or a housewife – you now have the opportunity to become an impressive speaker, a fluent conversationalist, and an effective writer with a command of good English. The entire Bowden Hall College teaching faculty are here to serve you as you increase your knowledge and fully develop the talents and abilities you already possess.


What is your answer to these important questions?

  • Do you want to stop making mistakes in English?
  • Do you want to converse with greater fluency?
  • Do you want to speak with more force and expression?
  • Do you want to develop greater mental power to solve problems, to organise ideas, and evaluate the plans and proposals of others?
  • Do you want to write better letters, reports, speeches, and use the techniques of the best writers of our time?
  • Do you want to read faster and with greater understanding?
  • Do you want to make the most of your abilities, and make a success out of your life?


The New Course in Practical English enables you to develop your speaking and writing abilities quickly and easily in your spare time at home. As you progress through the course, you’ll feel an increasing sense of achievement and excitement in your own success. In just a short time, you’ll find yourself speaking and writing with new authority, like those you admire.

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