About the New Course in Practical English

What Does The Course Include?

  • All the course sessions in a well presented and easy to read PDF format
  • Tests and exercises included with every session
  • Answers provided so you can continually assess your own progress
  • Your guide to Practical English – showing you how to get the best from your course
  • Better English Reports – to help you develop your use of English
  • Options to download and print each course session

The training itself is remarkable. The results obtained by those who enrol are actually astonishing.

That is the verdict of thousands who have tested this unique way to gain a command of good English. They have proved that if a few minutes each day are devoted to this new and easy method of training, results are quick and certain – the ability to speak and write effectively follows so suddenly and so easily that many have been surprised at their rapid progress.

A solid foundation of good English.

To enable you increase your knowledge quickly and easily, the course gives you a clear understanding of the proper use of good English. You quickly learn the accepted meanings and uses of words, as well as the ways in which words are combined so that they express your thoughts and ideas correctly and forcefully. This knowledge of correct and effective English gives you a solid foundation on which you begin to build from the very first lesson. You use it in your work, at home, everywhere you go and you begin at once to enjoy the language skills that make life easier and more rewarding.

Practical subjects develop your command of English.

In addition to training in the principles of good English, the course includes many special subjects to perfect your command of the language. Some lessons show you how to build a large, useful vocabulary. Other lessons teach you to pronounce and spell words correctly. Your confidence grows rapidly as you lose all fear of writing or saying the wrong thing. You are shown how to speed up your reading – and yet retain much more of what you read. Two lessons deal with the art of conversation and give you five basic principles and many “little tricks” of everyday talk that you can use immediately. Many men and women have said that what they learned from these lessons repaid them many times the cost of the whole course.

You “learn by doing.”

With our course you “learn by doing”. Interesting exercises give you plenty of practice in developing your skills. You learn to use the rules of good, forceful English – without tedious memorising. The author of each section of the course is an expert in his or her subject. Everyone who enrols for the course has special reasons for doing so – and the course will help them exceed their goals. Home students worldwide tell us that here at last they have found the way to make their learning of better English a thrilling experience. You, too, would enjoy the same experience from the day you start.

You stop making mistakes and learn good, correct English.

Our course is an amazing departure from old-fashioned principles. Here you learn and apply the principles of good English in a series of fascinating game-like exercises. You “learn-by-doing”, one step at a time. The course does far more than teach you what is wrong and what is right. It shows you how to express yourself in clear, interesting and compelling words. To be at ease in conversation is a priceless asset. In the struggle for success, the really good conversationalist has a definite advantage over one of just average ability. In business and social life, the person who converses fluently is a person who attracts and influences others.

You acquire a large, colourful vocabulary.

When you stop to think about the personal requirements you need for social and business success, do not overlook the importance of a good vocabulary. Unless you know and can use many words you cannot make full use of your other abilities. The Vocabulary Building Lessons in our course begin by explaining the characteristics of a good vocabulary. You will then determine the size of your present vocabulary by using interesting word tests. After taking this inventory, you learn how to increase the total number of words you know by a vocabulary building programme you can use for the rest of your life. Each lesson includes a variety of interesting, game-like exercises. You learn how to analyse and build words through the use of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes, how to learn words in groups instead of one by one, how to be sure of your pronunciation and how to make the most effective use of words. As you progress through the lessons, you will find many words you recognise but do not know how to use in daily speaking and writing. One of the important aims of these Vocabulary Building Lessons is to show you how to convert these recognition words into words you can use every day. The immediate, practical effect of enlarging your vocabulary can be amazing! New words lead to new thoughts, and new thoughts lead to new knowledge – new mental power you can use to enrich all your business and social relationships.

You eliminate spelling errors.

Have you ever noticed how a misspelled word stands out on a printed or typewritten page? Have you ever found yourself forming a negative opinion about a writer whose letters contain misspelled words? Few things can ruin the effectiveness of a business or social letter so completely as misspellings. Business executives, for instance, hesitate to employ a man or woman who makes spelling mistakes in a letter of application – even though the applicant’s other qualifications are high. Whether you are a good, average or poor speller, the Spelling Lesson of our course provides you with an excellent review. It explains six basic spelling rules, as well as the correct methods of forming plurals, possessives and contractions. Exercises to test your progress are followed by a list of one hundred “spelling demons”. Bad spelling can often let you down and give a poor impression to others of your real intelligence and capabilities. Once you have mastered the Spelling Lesson in our course, you’ll feel much more confident whenever you write an important letter, report… or any document. In fact, you’ll feel far more at ease and in command whenever you put pen to paper. In addition, you are given a practical way of remembering the spelling of words you may now habitually misspell.

So, finally – a quick summary of what this course could do for you.

We have confidence in our course and know it will help you in all the following areas:

  • How you can stop making embarrassing mistakes in English!
  • How you can become a better speaker and writer
  • How you can increase your word power!
  • How you can read faster and understand more!
  • How you can develop self-confidence!
  • How you can increase your thinking power!
  • How you can win popularity and friends!
  • How you can gain the success you deserve!


The New Course in Practical English is now just £49, so take the plunge to today and start the journey to the new you.

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